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Out of the Grey Coffee Review & Discount

I want to tell you about this great coffee and awesome company I have come across. I honestly never knew so many flavors could be added to coffee! I really like this coffee and will continue to buy from them and I hope you like them, too.

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Out of the Grey Coffee

I'll begin with some background of me and coffee. I've never been a big coffee drinker, but I started around a year ago just because my husband drinks it. He drinks it to wake up. I drink it just because of the taste and sugar I add to it. A few months in, I noticed that I was smelling bad in my underarms (stay with me, I'm going somewhere with this...I promise!). I finally figured out that the coffee was the culprit. I researched and realized it was rather common because coffee is full of pesticides, so my body was getting toxic. But, I also learned that organic coffee would not make me stink. And, it's true! We've been drinking organic coffee and I no longer stink. And, my husband's body smell became less intense, too. So, on to the Out of the Grey Coffee....

I have had the same result. I have not been smelly while drinking this coffee and I've been drinking it for a month! So, these are definitely good, clean beans without harsh chemicals on them.

As soon as we opened our box of coffee, my husband said it smelled good and he was eager to try it the next morning. I have to admit he liked it better than me. It was a little strong for me...but remember, he's in it for the wake up...I'm more about taste and sweetness. The first two that we tried were Royal Kona and Panamanian. These were the ones given to us. The Royal Kona is described as Greenwell Estate - Extra fancy...deep, sweet fruit-toned complexity with dark chocolate, musky lily, strawberry, watermelon, and roasted almond flavors, round, vibrant acidity and full syrupy mouthfeel. We both agree that it was smooth tasting. He really liked it. I'm guessing I'm not into the dark chocolate, musky lily...Like they said a vibrant acidity. I like low acidity. The Panamanian is described as Boquete...sweet caramel fudge, macadamia nuts, and subtle prune flavors, bright citric acidity with bittersweet dark chocolate finish that lingers. This is the one I preferred, but again the bittersweet dark chocolate was a little harsh for me, but I was the one to finish this bag. And, I did enjoy it. But, I wanted to give this coffee brand a better opportunity of pleasing my taste buds. So, I went to the site and picked out two that I thought I'd like. Being that I like low acidity, I picked the Rise and Shine and the French Vanilla. The Rise and Shine is described as Brazilian Santos/Colombian Supremo...wonderfully rich and aromatic full-bodied and delicious. This was a good coffee. It was rich and lots of aroma that was nice to smell. My husband liked this one more than me. But I REALLY enjoy the French vanilla!

Now, you need to know something about me. I've always loved vanilla. If I get a snow cone and Hawaiian shaved ice...VANILLA is what I'm getting. I put extra vanilla in my chocolate chip cookies. I love the smell! So, when this bag alone is near me, I'm happy. I love this smell and it's even better when it's brewing! Wow, the whole house smells great and I even find it comforting like a warm cozy fire wrapped up in a blanket reading a favorite book. I like this so much I went and bought myself my own coffee pot! My husband uses a percolator, so I needed my own machine. And, I even made coffee the other night because I just wanted to have some. I've never had coffee at night! So, the French Vanilla coffee is described as 'rich, natural flavorings simulate the experience of having fresh vanilla pods seeped straight into your cup'. Yep! I love it! I totally agree!

So, now's your chance to try these delicious coffees (and teas)! Oh, and they have chocolate covered coffee beans, too! They have so many coffee flavors - fruity, nutty, chocolates, artisan blends, sweet, and spicy. They have flavors from other countries: Asia, Japan, Africa, Nagoya, Jamaica, Middle Eastern, Hawaiian Islands, India, Mexico, Italy, French Quarter, Mediterranean, Peaks Passage, Coastal, and America. They have fair-trade coffee. They have low acidity, decaf, light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. They have grinder and expresso machines for sell, too.

They have lots of teas, as, chai, green, turmeric, white, oolong, rooibos, fruit and herbal teas. And, don't forget the chocolate covered coffee beans!

I just checked out the sweet coffees again...I can't imagine all these flavors they have! You really need to go check these out: strawberry cheesecake, cinnamon sweet potato swirl, box of chocolates, vanilla hazelnut, creme brulee, toasted marshmallow, vanilla nut, English coffee, caramel crunch, toffee crunch, ivory mint, vanilla fudge, white chocolate mousse, cookie, Scottish cream, caramel almond biscotti, birthday cake, butter rum cake, apple bumbley, coconut creme pie, and so much more! I'm going for the butter rum cake, next!

And, if you can't just decide they have two sampler packs, as well!

So, head over to this site and order your coffee, now! Here's the link to the main page... and don't forget to put in your discount code 'inspiredbyGOD15' and receive 15% off!

(I was given the great opportunity to try this coffee. I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase, but this in no way influenced my review or statements, or increases your price).


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