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My Amazon Favorites

These are actual items I own and use and would tell you are great to have. All you have to do is click on the pictures of those you want, and it'll send you directly to the Amazon page for purchasing. 

Overcomer Movie, Christian films

This beautiful movie will encourage you to face yourself and any and all obstacles standing in your way.

Goggles and snorkeling for children

This set is so great! My girls loved swimming underwater with these. They fit so well and have lasted us two years so far.

Britax steel carseat, car seat

I love this carseat. It's so easy to put in. And, it protects to weight of 120 pounds. Steel base, not hard plastic...for best protection of our little ones

kids play house tent

My daughters loved playing in this tent. Even slept in a few times. Easy to set up and lots of room for play.

Children's baby crib
Urban Relief Piercing Solution, clean, disinfect piercings

My daughter's ear got infected after it was pierced and then bumped. This help heal her very quickly. I love how it's all natural.


My girls and I, especially like this signing book, because it explains many times why the sign is like it is.

natural gum

A great tasting gum without the aspartame that is linked to cancer. Chew this instead!

Children's table and chairs with bins

My girls played at this table for so long. And, we homeschooled at this table, too. They each had their own two boxes to store their goodies

stainless steel cookie pans

These clean so easily and never rust. I love them! I've even given them as gifts!

My girls loved playing with their dolls with this. Well built and easy to put together. Very Pretty!

Henna hair dye
This is great for dyeing your hair
"You are God's Masterpiece" shower curtain, Christian shower curtain
What a great shower curtain, is this?!
reptisand for hamsters
These are great for hamsters
Aspen bedding for small pets, hamsters
Great purse that holds a lot
RFID wallet
Pure baking soda
These take the
tartness out of
your baking.
Aluminum Free Baking Powder
Girl Heart Ring
Musician's notebook
Azalea Bonsai Kit
Black purse
Escape Room games to buy
Nintendo Switch
Tanktops with bras
"God is within her, she will not fail" phone case
Organic Cinnamon
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