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How are Inspirations made and what makes them unique?

Inspirations are personalized gifts that are inspired by God and express unique messages for each recipient. Inspirations are not generated by a software program...each one is personally custom made from start to finish. During the writing process, time is spent in prayer and searching scriptures in the Bible to make sure the finished product will translate God's personal message to you. An Inspiration is a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime!


What is the shipping process?


 Your order will be shipped within 4 business days of receipt.

How do you find the meaning of each name?


I use "The Name Book" by Dorothea Austin. If your name is not in this book, I search the internet to find it.


How can I purchase your Inspirations offline?

​​-Postal Money Order:  Please send to:


​​Bobbie Torgeson

154 Page Street

Teachey, NC 28464

Fire blowing in from the left revealing the Inspirations logo and name.
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