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Your Life Can Make a Difference

Are you declaring downtime for too long and thus neglecting the most important things?

So, I've sat on this gift of mine for a long time. Life has been very busy, yet at the same time, it's also easy for me to procrastinate and end up doing many little things and not the most important 'tasks' God has given me. It's so easy to just check off your daily list of 'chores' and then at the end of the day realize that there were people who needed your attention, and that once again you did not take the time to use the gift that God has given you. I know that writing is my gift. I know that encouraging others is my gift. I know that words of knowledge is my gift. I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. And, God asks me...He asks you...does my spouse feel like he was loved today? Do my daughters know how much I care for them? Did I give them attention to show them this? My sisters and friends...did I reach out to them to let them know that I'm so glad they're in my life? Or...did I allow other things to seep in and take away the time that I could have used loving on my loved ones? Did my phone, computer, and/or tv distract me and cause me to read and watch things by people who know nothing about me and care nothing for me. I understand we all need SOME downtime...but are we allowing these things too much of our downtime? Long ago, families sat around and read and talked together face to face. You saw each others' beautiful faces and smiles and enjoyed each other...not screens that only allowed them to see words that another wrote/thought. So..I say all this, but then wonder how to get it all back. We used to sit around do arts and crafts, play games, talk and laugh. But, now my two teen girls don't really want to do these things like we used to. And, now I have a younger one who is one year old. So, it's hard to incorporate all of us doing stuff together. I want family time to come back. I want my home to be a place where my children say they have wonderful memories spent with me and they look forward to coming back and visiting often. I want memories of laughter, hugs, and good times. I want memories of friends and family always saying they felt welcome here. I want my life to make a difference. And, I know the biggest place to make a difference is right here at home. Will you join me? Let's make our homes a wonderful place of love, laughter, peace, and joy. And, may it spread with our children.


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