Girls love to be Princesses

Today is National Princess Day. My girls love dressing up and pretending to be Princesses. They love twirling to Awesome music and feeling so beautiful. So, today they dressed up and we had a tea party. We had a wonderful time eating our No-Bake Cookies and heart shaped ice cream.

My youngest helped me make our favorite recipe of No-Bake Cookies...

This was her first time doing all of it by herself. She did so well and she felt so proud! I actually surprised the girls with the whole setup at out table. They knew we were doing a Princess Tea Party, but they didn't know what we'd be eating with the cookies. So, I had them go in my bedroom while I got it ready. They were pleasantly surprised when they saw the ice cream shaped like hearts!

We started with prayer. I love seeing my girls with the heads bowed in

reverence to God. It's such a special, sweet time. And, I hope they

remember that God calls them His child and princess.

Just like in the Victorian era, I read some poetry to them. And, we talked about it. And, I started reading a new book called Big Thoughts for Little People. It's a great book that teaches young hearts a lot about God, His Word, and living for Him. It's one page per alphabet letter. Simple and to the point and then questions to make sure your child understands it.

The poetry book is by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is called 'A Child's Garden of Verses'.

We ended our Princess time watching this great show called Gigi, God's Little Princess. We watched it on PureFlix. It's a great channel that has wonderful, clean shows for your whole family to watch.

Ladies, always remember you're God's precious princess. He loves you with an everlasting love. You can always count on Him to help you through anything!

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