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Live Life to the Fulllest

He's the Giver of great things....are you receiving them?

enjoy your life, receive God's gifts, rejoice in your life, love your life, love your family, smile, God is the greatest Giver
Girls enjoying their life

I just finished watching the movie...The Giver. If you have not seen this movie, by all means do. You will not be disappointed, especially by how it will help you see life anew. It's funny how recently I'd already been thinking about how I don't enjoy life anymore like I used to. Now it's being more bogged down thinking ahead of all the things I have to do. When did I stop being? When did I stop enjoying my life? Yes, I enjoy simple moments with my husband, and children but why not all the time. Even in the messy times.

Why can't I remember the wonder of life? Why can't I remember that as the song day you're gonna miss this...? I don't want to be remembered as a stale 'do this, do that ' wife/mother/daughter/sister. I don't want to look back at life wishing I had played more, danced more, sang more, laughed more. What's wrong with doing all those things everyday anyway? Who said that, now that you're an adult that you can't have fun? Who said that now I have to just be a dictator and make sure all these things get done and if not, I'm not good enough? I want to see my life make a difference in those around me. I want to be the one that others ENJOY being around. I want to bring LIFE and JOY and HOPE.

In the movie, the boy witnesses and feels his first sled ride. He sees people dancing. He hears music. He sees colors. He feels all kinds of emotions. When/why did I allow my life to become so 'busy' that I can't FEEL and SEE and DO all of those things that bring joy and laughter? I have a sister who whenever the family gets together she always comes up with fun memory makers for us to do, rather it be a game, karaoke, or dancing with balloons singing 'Happy Birthday ' to Granny. She brings life. I have another sister who loves to give...she hardly ever buys anything for herself. She thinks of what others would enjoy, instead. She also grows things. She has beautified my parents home with her flowers that she has planted all throughout their yard. She is planting a garden with which she will help bring nourishment and to our parents.

I used to be spoken of by others by always smiling...people liked my smile. but somewhere along the way, I started taking life too seriously and let it take my joy away. I've been slowly working my way back, but after watching this movie, I see that I need to do more. I need to purposely all my heart and soul. I must seek out the good things and make fun times happen. I can't stay in drudgery. I must reach within myself and pull out every good thing God has placed in there and then reach out and give it to those who need it. I must give as God has freely given me. I must allow myself to see and feel the wonders of this world and fill my life and those around me with beautiful memories that will encourage, inspire, and uplift them. I must live my life more fully...not only for myself but for my family.


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