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This site has been made to help help you navigate through life, inspire you to live for the glory of God, to help you not live by all the circumstances around you and emotions coming from within you, but rather to remind you to instead listen for God's Holy Spirit guiding you as you respond to all that this world brings your way. 

I, also, sell inspirational, personalized gifts that will inspire you and your loved ones to live out your lives based on the meaning of your name.

Scroll down to read my blogs, or click on links on your upper right to learn more about me, and to see what I make for selling, and to see some of my favorite items that I have bought...with links so that you can do the same.

This is just a picture of me.

Welcome to my site! I'm so glad you're here! I hope to encourage you and inspire you to live your life in the best way and through the Word of God. Let's not live by our emotions and circumstances, but by every Word that comes from God. I hope in your reading my posts that you are renewed in your mind and spirit and continue each day to become more like Christ!

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