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Look Beyond Yourself

God is holding me...God is holding you...

God upholds you, God loves you, He is helping, help others, live for others, live for Jesus
God is holding onto you

Today has been a struggle. The enemy has come at me trying to make me doubt the love of others. He has tried to cause me to think that I'm being lied to, that I'm going to be left, that it's 'all a game'. That others don't really care about me...but only those things they get from me...such as I know that I can be naive and that I let people 'get away' with a lot of things. It's just very easy to me to forgive others and not hold grudges. Yet, now, with the past hurts I've received because of these qualities, even though I won't hold a grudge still...the enemy likes to come at me and make me think I'm going to get hurt again. I shared this with my friend today. I shared how I was scared that after a certain amount of time...I'd be left. My friend said, "That's the awesome thing about God's's not a three year thing." His love has no end. Even though others may leave, God shall never leave me. My friend was not only talking about God's love though, alone. He was also talking about God's love that is in him and in others who love me. Who love me in spite of myself...even when I say hurtful things that come out all the wrong way...who love me even when I forgot important things that I should have remembered. God is amazing in so many ways. I find one of His most amazing ways is how He can place His Love deep down inside of His people and cause them to love spite of... And, Who can place that love inside of me and cause me to love spite of... through the years, I can tell you of the many times, where God has helped me to see others the way He sees them. Instead of looking at how they hurt me or disappointed me, He allowed me to see the pain and disappointments that others had and then He helped me to ministry to them and bringing healing to them. It was a wonderful feeling when I stopped looking at myself and helped someone else. And, it was a wonderful feeling when God even brought some healing to me through those experiences. So, even when I was thinking about someone else and God was helping me to bring healing to them, God was still concerned with me. He had not forgotten me. He still had His hand on me and was moving for me, as well. When we can quit looking at ourselves and all that WE want...when we can look beyond ourselves and see others through the eyes of God, what an amazing life that can behold. Imagine the healing! Imagine the hope! Imagine YOU making the biggest difference in the life of others! Now THAT is an adventure! That is a life where you never know what could happen next. Because as you allow yourself to be completely and totally lead by God's Spirit, He will be able to take you to amazing circumstances. Remember David. Moses. The Disciples. Imagine the story God will allow you to tell your children and your children's children as you allow Him to lead you to YOUR promised land.


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