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Welcome to My Website Inspirations...Beautiful, inspiring writings on the true meaning of your or your loved ones' name. Be encouraged and uplifted as you read through the quotations of scripture and wonderful message that corresponds with the meaning of your name. Through prayer and biblical references...the writer brings to life the words of God through this wonderful gift. Truly a unique item...whether for yourself or others. This gift will surely be treasured for a lifetime!
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Making a Difference So, I've sat on this gift of mine for a long time. Life has been very busy, yet at the same time, it's also easy for me to procrastinate and end up doing many little things and not the most important 'tasks' God has given me. It's so easy to just check off your daily list of 'chores' and then at the end of the day realize that there were people who needed your attention, and that once again you did not take the time to use the gift that God has given you. I know that writing is my gift. I know that encouraging others is my gift. I know that words of knowledge is my gift.
Compassionate Intercessor You have been called to do great things for God. You are one who is to step in and help those around you in whatever way the Lord shows you. In this, you will find your greatest satisfaction.
Cherished of God and Delivered Walk in skillful and godly wisdom. Do not allow yourself to be moved by your emotions. Be moved by God's Holy Spirit. Always be listening for His still, small voice directing your mood, your voice, and your actions. In doing this, you will be delivered and kept from many bad experiences that others go through simply because they were living by their emotions (Proverbs 28:26).
Stand in Awe Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears and listens to and heeds My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will eat with him and he will eat with Me (Revelation 3:20). The Lord desires for us to desire Him. He is waiting for us to answer Him. And, at this time of the year, we so much say it's about Him, yet we go around doing all these 'things'. We think of these things we want to buy for our loved ones. We go to all these Christmas events. And, neglect the very One we say it is all about.
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